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Chunky Moon

$19.99 AUD

Lunar Glitter is hand made, cruelty free, and is of a cosmetic grade! (making it completely safe for festival faces!)

Our glitter gels have a soft texture that glides on easily to face, body or hair it dries to a durable sparkly finish. Apply desired amount with finger or a brush and easily wash off with warm water and soap.

A little goes a long way! The heavier the application the deeper the shine!

Image of Chunky Moon Image of Chunky Moon Image of Chunky Moon
Image of Pixie Kandy Image of Pixie Kandy
Pixie Kandy
$19.99 AUD
Image of Daisy baby Image of Daisy baby
Daisy baby
$19.99 AUD
Image of Fairy Godmother Image of Fairy Godmother
Fairy Godmother
$19.99 AUD
Image of Mermaid Tears Image of Mermaid Tears
Mermaid Tears
$19.99 AUD
Image of Mermaid Dreams Image of Mermaid Dreams
Mermaid Dreams
$19.99 AUD
Image of Galaxy Glow Image of Galaxy Glow
Galaxy Glow
$19.99 AUD
Image of Unicorn shimmer Image of Unicorn shimmer
Unicorn shimmer
$19.99 AUD
Image of Gold Digger Image of Gold Digger
Gold Digger
$19.99 AUD
Image of Studio 54 chunky gel Image of Studio 54 chunky gel
Studio 54 chunky gel
$19.99 AUD
Image of Spaceship 65 Image of Spaceship 65
Spaceship 65
$19.99 AUD
Image of Astro charm Image of Astro charm
Astro charm
$19.99 AUD
Image of Redrum Fire Image of Redrum Fire
Redrum Fire
$19.99 AUD
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