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About Lunar Glitter

Lunar glitter was founded in 2016 by to Melbourne besties, who must have been sister's in another life. Lisa-marie and Paige both share a love for all things glitter and would both do anything to help make the world a happier, more sparkly place to live.

This love for glitter is what brings us to the story of how Lunar Glitter started, it was a Friday night in October 2016, when the girls where enjoying a few glasses (bottles ) of red, on one of Melbourne's not so warm night's. 

As the girl's where exchanging inspirational photos's on some fun festival outfits, that of course had the continuous theme of sequins, beads, holographic and sheer looks. 

When it came to looking for some glitter they where not satisfied with the quality, ingredients and pricing of companies across the USA and UK, also any of the few companies that may have been in Australia at the time. 

So they came up with this grand plan to make their own glitter, wanting to use cosmetic grade glitters and all natural ingredients. They began their research immediately, started testing and trialling many different options. 

They then came to being able to create a product that is 97% all natural ingredients , durable, easy application, quick drying and easily washed off with warm water.  Wanting to share this new product with the world, they quickly got onto all things that needed to be done to get the product out there to all others like minded .

The girls quickly gained respect for what they where doing, with wholesale orders coming in hot, clubs and music events wanting them on board for glitter applications and successfully having their online business. 

The happiness it brought to both their lives was infectious to others around them. Thous who know the girls on a personal level, know just how much they both light up the room with or without their glitter trail behind them. 

Lunar Glitter is Australian made cosmetic grade glitter gel, come along for the ride and join the family. The glitter sisters would love to have you on board.